The next two volumes of the Slocan History Series are here!

This series is authored by Cole Harris, Professor Emeritus of Historical Geography at UBC and a descendant of one of the area’s original settlers, Joseph Colebrook Harris.

Booklet 2, “Beginnings of the Bosun Ranch”, describes JC Harris’s search for good farmland in the Slocan in 1896, his brief return to the Cowichan Valley, his return to the Slocan in the early spring of 1897, and his establishment of what came to be called the Bosun Ranch. The narrative is rich with JC’s recollections of colourful characters from all walks of life; some names will still resonate with local history buffs.

“Industry and the Good Life Around Idaho Peak”, Booklet 3, is written by Cole Harris, based on an article he published in the Canadian Historical Review in 1985. It’s a vivid, sometimes harrowing, picture of the miner’s life in the early Slocan. Harris also seeks to dispel a myth that had held as late as 1985 that there were no Sinixt who lived in the vicinity of the Idaho Peak area, and give due credit to their age-old presence on the land here.