Dead Crow & the Spirit Engine by New Denver’s Art Joyce

“This poem is a fascinating exercise in the bending, blending, and merging of genres while at the same time assaulting the empty pretensions of narcissistic nihilism in today’s grossly politicized literary environment,” writes local writer Roger Lewis in his review of Art Joyce’s newest work, Dead Crow & the Spirit Engine.

“Not the usual series of disjointed prose statements about the poet’s emotions, Dead Crow & the Spirit Engine is an epic narrative of thirty linked poems written in tercets framed by a prose introduction with notes at the end. It explores many layers of meaning in a time when we are told nothing means anything. Mythic characters and episodes span all creation and time. Individual passages glow with lyric intensity and individual lines can have epigrammatic force e.g. ‘Starvation/does vicious things to innocence’ (p. 47). Dead Crow has a narrative voice that veers from grand literary eloquence to the flatly prosaic, sometimes a laconic film noir drawl with coarse diction. Other genres include fable, folktale, dream vision, dramatic monologue, soliloquy, fantasy and heroic quest.”

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