Balancing Bountiful, BC

The Kootenays are blessed in many ways, and one is certainly the myriad talents of our neighbours throughout the region. Each week over the next month or so, Raven’s Nest would like to highlight an important book published by a Kootenay author since early 2020.

Book Cover

We’ll begin with Mary Jayne Blackmore’s Balancing Bountiful: What I Learned about Feminism from My Polygamist Grandmothers, which made the annual BC bestseller list last year. The fifth of 150 children fathered by controversial Fundamentalist Mormon leader Winston Blackmore, Mary Jayne was born and raised in the idyllic but isolated community of Bountiful, just south of Creston.

Wed in a church-assigned marriage just before her 17th birthday, Blackmore had two children while still a teenager and yet was able to begin college at the age of 21. This “compelling memoir” details her “healing journey” as Blackmore explored the outside world before restoring “loving bonds with her family, including her father” and returning to Bountiful as an educator and proud feminist. For more information see or drop on by.