BOOK Little Star: A Hidden Star

BOOK Little Star: A Hidden Star

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By Lila Strand

A little star finds himself lost in the earth world. He discovers friends and experiences happy times, but there are both ups and downs. When a challenge arises, the little lost star runs away in confusion, sorrow and regret.

The forest itself helps to restore him. The sun shining down in quiet beauty helps him as well. Through his own quiet responsiveness, he is enabled to register his own resources in his deeper self. He comes to remember how he got lost and where he belongs. He wants to correct his mistake and fulfill his promise to go back to the Sky World where he belongs. As he surrenders to his task he  experiences something totally unexpected, the magic of inner light. This is the birth of a whole new beginning which will change his life entirely.

This is an engaging story with many possibilities for meaningful conversation about feelings, and many opportunities for developing emotional intelligence. The forest, is a great healer. And much help lies within us in the unseen parts of ourselves – we can access inner resources of love, strength and possibilities. A feeling of connection and happiness lives inside us in the deepest core of our being. A beautifully illustrated Waldorf-inspired book, which finds our helpful but unseen elements in the narrative.

Enjoy adventuring, both inwardly and outwardly!

Paperback, 2019