BOOK Little Star and Eliore

BOOK Little Star and Eliore

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By Lila Strand

Little Star and Eliore weaves together the story of golden-hearted Little Star and enthusiastic impulsive Eliore. While Little Star and his earth world friends frolic with delight in nature and go on helpful missions, Eliore, another star child, accidentally falls off the clouds and struggles to find her friend, Little Star. The challenge in her journey is compounded by the fact that – unbeknownst to her – a bright little star from the sky world cannot be seen on earth without a suit.

Here is a new story for these critical times, during which the planet is calling for us all to wake up and take a new direction, a direction that expresses truly our values of love, gratitude, mindfulness and loving connectedness to all life. Ultimately there is a plan for our life already present within us. We do not have to invent the plan, we just have to connect to it.

Our glorious universe that has brought forth such astounding richness and beauty is surely also drawing forth a new consciousness in us all, surely evoking in us, wonder, reverence and love.

Thirty-two glowing watercolour illustrations help tell the story in a way that helps a child understand.

Paperback, 2021